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Research is one of the pillars of the PerƒEval Research Laboratory. Researchers carry out fundamental and applied research projects in multiple public works sectors.  Over the last few years, PerƒEval Laboratory projects have been financed at the national and international level by grant-issuing agencies (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Fonds québécois de recherche sur la société et la culture) or by public (Canada School of Public Service, Treasury Board Secretariat) and private organizations.

Research results are distributed at national and international scholarly conferences.  They are also published in books, scholarly journals and/or research reports. These research reports and scholarly articles are available for free; consult the list of recent publications or find a document published by the members of the research laboratory

Research projects conducted by the PerƒEval laboratory allow students to actively participate in innovative projects which offer them the opportunity to explore new units of analysis and practical case studies.  The PerƒEval Laboratory is a favourable environment in which students may develop new research skills.

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