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Evaluation Participation Measurement Tool


This part of the test is easy to complete and does not require special skills. As the evaluator, it could nevertheless be relevant to corroborate the responses taken from your own perceptions with documents (evaluation plan and report, minutes of the evaluation committee, etc.) and the opinions of other participants. All that needs to be done is to check off the evaluation steps in which at least one type of participant is involved (i.e. minimally present). To check a box, simply place the cursor in front of the box and click. The sub-total by row and by column is calculated automatically in the lower right box. Every “X” or checked sub-total box is worth 0.25 points for a final score between 0.00 and 1.00 for diversity of participants and scope of involvement.

Table 2: Test for Extent of Involvement and Diversity of Participants

  Type 1 :
Policy Makers & Decision Makers
Type 2 :
Those Responsible for Program Implementation & Delivery
Type 3 :
Direct and Indirect Beneficiaries & Affected Third Parties
Type 4 :
Civil Society & Citizens
Sub-total by Step (Extent of Involvement)
1- Defining the questions and issues of the evaluation and preparing the evaluative design  
2- Collecting and analyzing the data  
3- Formulating judgements and recommendations  
4- Findings reporting and dissemination  
Sub-total by type (participant diversity)          
Total by Step (Extent of Involvement) Number of steps : 0 --- Score : 0
Total by type (participant diversity) Number of actors : 0 --- Score : 0

Score Interpretation – Extent of involvement


Score Interpretation – Diversity of Participants


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