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Evaluation Participation Measurement Tool


The purpose of the test you are about take is to determine the level of participation of an evaluation in which you are involved, to add to your awareness of the issue of participatory evaluation and to offer you advice so as to render your evaluation even more participatory. The first step of the test helps to measure both the extent of the involvement of non-evaluative stakeholders at each step of the evaluative process and the diversity of said stakeholders. An example of an evaluation is presented in Table 1 (simply point to a step in the process or a type of participant for further explanations).

Table 1: Example of Score Calculation of the Extent of Involvement and Diversity of Participants

  Type 1
Policy Makers, Decision Makers & Program Administrators
Type 2
Those Responsible for Program Delivery
Type 3
Direct and Indirect Beneficiaries & Affected Third Parties
Type 4
Civil Society & Citizens
Sub-Total by Step (Extent of Involvement)
1- Defining the questions and issues of the evaluation and preparing the evaluative design x   x   X
2- Collecting and analyzing the data     x   X
3- Formulating judgements and recommendations          
4- Findings reporting and dissemination x       X
Sub-total by type (participant diversity) X   X    
Total by Step (Extent of Involvement) Number of steps : 3 --- Score : 0,75
Total by type (participant diversity) Number of actors : 2 --- Score : 0,5

Every “X” or checked sub-total box is worth 0.25 points for a final score between 0.00 and 1.00 for diversity of participants and scope of involvement.

C'est maintenant à votre tour de passer le test !

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