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Two New Publications on Participatory Evaluation


The guide Comprendre et entreprendre une évaluation participative : Guide de synthèse[Understanding and Undertaking a Participatory Evaluation: A Summary Guide] offers reference points on participatory evaluation. It is centred on the advantages and disadvantages of the participatory approach and aims to encourage managers, evaluators and program participants to reflect on this topic so as to better identify the assets of this type of approach and to anticipate the potential difficulties to which they may be exposed or the questions to consider before employing a participatory evaluative approach.

Issue #2 of Performance and Evaluation Notebooks [Cahiers de la performance et de l’évaluation] is entitled: L’évaluation participative en action : le Projet d’évaluation des pratiques du Centre jeunesse de Québec – Institut universitaire [Participatory Evaluation in Action: The Practice Evaluation Project of the Quebec Youth Centre – University Institute].  This issue analyzes the process and the consequences of this particular participatory evaluation.

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