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New Publication – African Evaluation Guidelines


Mbaï-Hadji Mbaïrewaye & Steve Jacob, « Cultural Dimensions of the African Evaluation Guidelines », dans Jean-Claude Barbier & Penny Hawkins (eds), Evaluation Cultures Sense-making in Complex Times, New Brunswick, N.J.: Transaction Publishers, 2012, pp. 205-237.

Abstract: The development of evaluation standards contributes to the consideration of the notion of culture in evaluative practices. Evaluation standards are comprised of technical aims that include guaranteeing the quality and the use of evaluation results, socializing evaluators regarding the theoretical and practical issues of the field or professionalizing evaluation. But these standards also convey values such as responsibility, credibility, nonmaleficence, anonymity protection, etc. to which evaluators are invited to adhere.

In considering the specific case of the directing principles of the AfrEA, the objective of this chapter is to examine the influence of cultural codes specific to a given social context on the adoption of evaluation standards. The following research question guided our work: “Can the modifications found in the directing principles of African evaluation be explained by cultural considerations?”.

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