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International Summer School on Public Policy Evaluation Research


The aims of this summer school are:1. To provide researchers who share a common interest in evaluation with an opportunity to meet, to discuss their work and to devise new methodologies;2. To provide young researchers – who struggle to explore a fragmented research field which has few landmarks – with an opportunity to benefit from knowledge transfer through an intergenerational dialogue, so as to share a common framework with which to understand evaluation.3. This summer school will be an important step in building the legitimacy of evaluation research as a research field in its own right. Supporting the creation of a strong research centre is a priority for the SFE. In this way, it hopes to foster researchers’ and practitioners’ mutual contribution to evaluation, with the shared goal of developing practices.4. Finally, an international policy of scientific partnership will be implemented to benefit from foreign experiences in evaluation, and to share French experiences. This is a significant means of improving the reach and quality of scientific work.More information :

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