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The International Development Research Centre’s (IDRC’s) Evaluation Research Internships provides exposure to evaluation


IDRC recognizes that evaluation makes an essential contribution to learning and acquiring knowledge about effective approaches to research for development. The Evaluation Unit supports the priorities of the Centre through the promotion of methodological development and processes of evaluative thinking that balance the opportunity to learn and the need for accountability. Evaluative thinking involves being results-oriented, reflective and questioning; being able to articulate values; and using evidence to test assumptions. 

The strategies of the Evaluation Unit fall into four broad categories: 
1) Conducting and disseminating strategic evaluations; 
2) Carrying out capacity development in evaluation and evaluative thinking; 
3) Engaging in methodology development and tools for evaluation research and evaluation;
and 4) Working with evaluation partners to build the field of evaluation in the global south. 

The Evaluation Research Interns will be involved in a range of activities relating to the different strategies of the Evaluation Unit. Specific tasks can include (for example) coordinating and producing the Annual Corporate Evaluation Report, supporting the Unit’s mandate to provide technical assistance to Centre staff and partners, conducting literature reviews, collecting materials on a specific topic, and assisting with internal and external events and meetings. The research intern located in New Delhi will support a range of evaluation field building work in South Asia including supporting communities of practice, evaluation curriculum development, and evaluation writing from the region.In addition to supporting the activities of the Unit, the Evaluation Research Interns will spend approximately 50% of their time conducting a part of a strategic evaluation based on a submitted proposal. Strategic evaluations are undertaken by the Unit to broaden the Centre’s understanding of issues of importance to staff, management and partners. These strategic evaluations contribute to the Centre’s corporate knowledge about the scope, characteristics and effectiveness of its support and inform the design and monitoring of future projects. 

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