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Performance Management

This research theme fits into the broader scope of public performance improvement.  It focuses on the status and the role of evaluation in the context of public management modernization:  How does evaluation find its way into strategies aimed at better public performance management? How are evaluation results used?  What is the degree of institutionalization in evaluative practice?  What are administrations capable of in matters of evaluation and which skills need to be reinforced?  What are some other measuring and public management tools (performance indicators, dashboards, etc.) and how are they connected to evaluation?

Our research on evaluation institutionalization and the use of evaluation results helps us to analyze some of these questions in depth.  The work done in the context of this research theme aims to seek out and consolidate research on this theme from both a theoretical and empirical point of view


Analysis of the Legislative and Media Influence of the Interventions from Québec Ombudsman
Funding: Research Chair on Democracy and Parliamentary Institutions
Term: 2016-2018
Team: Steve Jacob (Chief Researcher), Éric Montigny and Mathieu Ouimet

Evaluate Public Performance and Measure it Through Textual Analysis
Funding: Support Program for Research Teams of the Quebec Fund for Research on Society and Culture (FQRSC)
Term: 2013-2017
Team: Louis Imbeau (Chief Researcher 2013-2016-CAPP-Laval University), Steve Jacob (Chief Researcher 2016-2017-CAPP-Laval University), Jean Crête, François Pétry and Lisa Maureen Birch


The Prospective Assessment of the Impact on the Health and Welfare of the Population and the Policy of Development or Non-Development of Shale Gas in Quebec
Funding:  Quebec Fund for Research on Society and Culture (FQRSC)
Term: 2013-2016
Team: France Gagnon (Chief Researcher - TELUQ) and Steve Jacob

Evaluation Practices and Performance Indicators of Rights Protection Public Agencies 
Funding: Research Chair on Democracy and Parliamentary Institutions
Term: 2013-2015
Team: Steve Jacob (Chief Researcher) and Eric Montigny

Evaluation of the NovaScience Program
Funding: Quebec Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (MESRT)
Term: 2013-2014
Team: Steve Jacob (Chief Researcher) 

Program Evaluation Methods in International Development
Funding: Quebec International Solidarity Agency of the Quebec Ministry of International Relations (MRI)
Term: 2013
Team: Steve Jacob (Chief Researcher) 

Evidence-Based Practices: Intervention Research in the Federal Public 
Funding: Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
Term: 2013
Team: Mathieu Ouimet (Chief Researcher) and Steve Jacob

Evaluation of the France-Canada Research Fund
Funding: Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the French Republic, Directorate-General for Globalization, Development and Partnerships
Term: 2012-2013
Team: Nicolas Subileau (Chief Researcher - Pluricité Lyon - France) and Steve Jacob

Lobbying Activities and their Framework in Quebec. The Evolution of the Perception of Public Office Holders who work within Parliamentary, Governmenta and Municipal Institutions
Funding: Laval University Foundation
Term: 2011-2012
Team: Steve Jacob (Chief  Researcher), Éric Montigny, Rébecca Morency and Joëlle Chabot.

Public Management based on Results and Performance Indicators: Repercussions for Organizations, Employees and Service Beneficiaries.
Funding: Standard Research Grant Program of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)
Term: 2010-2013
Team: Steve Jacob (Chief Researcher)

Evaluating and Measuring Public Performance through Textual Analysis
Funding: Concerted Action Program of the Quebec Fund for Research on Society and Culture (FQRSC)
Term: 2009-2012
Team:   Jean Crête, Louis Imbeau, Steve Jacob and François Pétry (Chief  Researcher – CAPP – Laval University)

Evaluation of Youth Access to Drug Addiction Services
Funding: Concerted Action Program of the Quebec Fund for Research on Society and Culture (FQRSC).
Term: 2010-2012
Team: Natacha Brunelle, Francine Ferland, Steve Jacob, Michel Landry, Myriam Laventure, Nadia l’Espérance, Nadine Martin and Joël Tremblay (Chief Researcher – Quebec University - Trois-Rivières)

Online Government and the Distant Citizen: Empowering Factors
Funding: Support Program for the Transition to an Information Society (APSI) of the Quebec Ministry of Government Services
Term: 2009-2011
Team: Anne Chartier, Yan Cimon, Jean Crête, Stéphane Gauvin, Steve Jacob, Serge A. Kablan, Gahima Égide Karuranga, Sehl Mellouli, Diane Poulin (Chief Researcher – ITIS – Laval University) and Marie-Christine Roy

Program Participation:  Results Synthesis and Lessons Learned from Evaluations
Funding:  Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC)
Term:  2009
Team: Marie-Anne Amadieu, Pierre-Marc Daigneault, Nouhoun Diallo, Steve Jacob (Chief Researcher) and Laurence Ouvrard

Community Credit in the [Quebec] National Capital Region: Socioeconomical Practices and Impacts for People and Communities
Funding: Centre de recherche, d’information et de développement de l’économie solidaire au Québec (CRIDÉS), Cercle d’emprunt de Charlevoix, Fonds d’emprunt économique communautaire (Québec), and Réseau québécois du crédit communautaire.
Term: 2007
Team: Steve Jacob (Laval University), Yves Boisvert (ENAP), Yvan Cormeau (Laval University), Marie Langevin (Student, Laval University)


Exploratory study of the practices of measuring the performance of development assistance programs initiated in Senegal in the fields of Education and Health through bilateral cooperation and validation of a standardized measuring instrument. 
Author: Semou Sow
Year: 2012
Type of document: PhD Dissertation 


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