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Evaluation of Youth Access to Drug Addiction Services

Funding: Concerted Action Program of the Quebec Fund for Research on Society and Culture (FQRSC).
Term: 2010-2012
Team: Natacha Brunelle, Francine Ferland, Steve Jacob, Michel Landry, Myriam Laventure, Nadia l’Espérance, Nadine Martin and Joël Tremblay (Chief Researcher - Québec University- Trois-Rivières)


The main objective of this research project is to paint a picture of the organization of youth access mechanisms to drug addiction programs (MAJT) in various regions of Quebec.  To this end, a phone inquiry will be conducted with the Alcoholic and Drug Addict Rehab Centres in each socio-health region.  As well, in-depth analyses will be conducted in five regions of Quebec (semi-structured interviews) and a validation of the results obtained in the first phase will be made by presenting them to actors in other regions.

This study will help us to document the conditions that favour the introduction of youth drug addiction treatment mechanisms, know the obstacles to their introduction and evaluate their efficiency.  As well, the data concerning efficiency will permit us to gauge whether the MAJTs are indeed fulfilling the mandate for which they were designed.

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