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The PerƒEval team consists of university professors, research professionals and masters and doctoral students. 

PerƒEval members actively participate in projects for national and international research networks on evaluation and performance management of public policy. The results of their research have been presented at national and international conferences (e.g. American Evaluation Association, Canadian Political Science Association, International Political Science Association, International Institute of Administrative Sciences, etc.).



Steve Jacob

Director of PerfEval

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Mathieu Ouimet

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Doctoral students 

Sémou Sow

Study Areas: Evaluation of Policies and Programs, Performance Evaluation, Participatory Evaluation, Institutional Evaluation, Evaluative Research, Performance Measurement, Qualitative Approaches in Program Evaluation.


Marie-Hélène L'Heureux 



Bachelor's Students

Catherine Gagnon



Alex Miller-Pelletier 

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