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PerƒEval is a research laboratory on public policy performance and evaluation at Laval University affiliated to the Center for Public Policy Analysis (CAPP). This focal point of resources and expertise aims to contribute to the wider discussion on evaluation and the advancement of knowledge in this rapidly growing field. The members of this research laboratory conduct theoretical and empirical studies and apply a particular measure of attention to the distribution and use of their results.

PerƒEval contributes to the education and training of practitioners and students through university courses and within the framework of master's theses and doctoral dissertations. The PerƒEval Laboratory offers its services to public and semi-public organizations that have specific training needs or require advice in matters of evaluation and performance management.

The PerƒEval laboratory team consists of: university professors, research professionals, and graduate students (masters' and doctoral). These researchers work together on projects that hinge on three principal themes: participatory evaluation, performance management, and public policy ethics.


The 2019 IDEAS Global Assembly & the third International Conference on Evaluating Environment and Development will be held in Prague, Czech Republic September 30... Read more >>


In between the results of a logic model are important processes called causal links and Causal Link Monitoring (CLM) can help project planners and managers identify and track whether these processes are taking place, and how. 

PerƒEval - Laboratoire de recherche
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